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New Life's
Friday, April 13, 2012 • 8:31 AM • 0 comments

Assalamualaikkum everybody in here .
it's me anis anis anis . haha , still remember me ?
of course lah . haha -.-
k today im gonna write about me , myself and i and whatever things around me ..
now already April . so tacher said just lefted 3 weeks more to go then only PPT #mid year test .
emm , im so worried . i have to do more more more exercises of all subbjects .
well im not that clever , so i have to put much of my effort to be a clever girl :) Lols
okay done bout that .
when i've fully grown up ,
i wanted to further my studies overseas . i wanted to be a doctor one day ,  meaning i'll have to take medical courses . am i ? :/
em okay , married ? lols , im just sixteen (16) . where got enough bigger yet to get marry . haha so i think i'll only get married when im 26 and above years old :D *evillaugh* #well , im not itchy , but its future right ? so we also have to talk about it too :p
about children ? hahahahahahahah i dont know . no comment at all ,
about my own house for about 15 years later ? i want a neat house !!!! hehehehehe ,
fuyooo , imma wide looking person . i've noticed that , eieeeee .
that's will make me look mature i knew .
whatever is , me is me . its up to you whatever you wanna say .. i just dont mind .
lols , imma crazy girl , wanna know why ?
this few days , i always have weirdweird wish such as i want a boyfriend who could guide me to succeedness . hehehe :/ meaning like everytime txt-ing we'll speak to each other and make english as our main language while communicating . haha impossible is it ? that's why i said im crazy . haha :3
i dont know what else to be wrote .
i think i shall stop till here first .
if not , i'll talk nonsense . lol :p
Okbye Peace be upon to you too mahh derr :*

xoxo,Sara Khald


Hey , i'm Sara ! Thanks for stumbling up here :D Please be nice , leave your footprints in my chatbox . I'll reply it and bw on your blog too ^^
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